IADT MSc User Experience Design DL908

Submitted in partial fulfillment of the IADT MSc in User Experience (UX) Design, demonstrating learning outcomes from fundamental methodologies. Ultan O’Broin is part of the Howth team, along with Niamh Kearns and Áine O’Neill.

Introduction and Navigation

User Experience: “A person’s perceptions and responses resulting from the use and/or anticipated use of a product, system, or service.” (ISO 9241–210:2010, subsection 2.15)

This is the story of a process, covered by the following four blog posts:

An appendix of resources and references is included.

Testing findings and source data are also provided for completeness and reference, supporting the assignment brief.


The Microsoft Teams user experience was explored for design opportunities to increase user effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction.

Users found the existing task of handing in assignments slow, cumbersome, error-prone, uncertain; they were left felt anxious, frustrated, and concerned about non-delivery.

Conducting research enabled the creation and selection of a user persona and a problem statement to solve in the context of a scenario, based on data.

Successful paper prototype designs for the handing-in task were designed, iterated, and tested, and improved usability recorded.

First iteration (preferred by users) of the paper prototype of the redesigned Microsoft Teams Hand In task.
Relative satisfaction scale from testing Microsoft Teams and paper prototypes.

Learning from the overall process includes:

  • to use research data and user feedback to drive decision-making;
  • to empathize with users and understand their feelings, wants, pains, and gains;
  • to focus on the problem first and then create alternative solutions;
  • to create prototypes to put into the hands of users for feedback quickly, and;
  • to iterate rapidly.
  • Use digital sharing tools for remote working enhances creativity and understanding; augmenting proven non-digital “pen-and-paper” approaches.
  • Be environmentally conscious when designing.
The Prototyping UX: IPevo Point 2 View camera and paper prototype.

All images and videos are by the author.




Parent. UX Design Manager. Marathoner. Dog person. Student. 80s hair & music. Dub. Synth fan. Content may not necessarily reflect the views of IADT or others.

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Ultan Ó Broin (MUGATEAUX)

Ultan Ó Broin (MUGATEAUX)

Parent. UX Design Manager. Marathoner. Dog person. Student. 80s hair & music. Dub. Synth fan. Content may not necessarily reflect the views of IADT or others.

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